My first project I got involved in when starting to work for Engage Works Ltd, a leading interactive technology company based in the City of London, UK, was an integrated presentation facility for a major global business consulting company.

Executive Brand Suite | Wall

A 24-screen multi-touch wall shapes the heart of this brand suite. Further spaces for collaboration were fitted with a large curved screen, a multi-touch table and a whiteboard area. All these areas can be controlled by iPads which allow the user depending on their access level to change the session or just add new content.
Before entering this collaborative workspace the visitors are greeted by a welcome screen that informs them about today’s agenda.

My first task was to rewrite the software for above mentioned welcome screen to integrate with the second release of the space’s software. This was the first time I worked on a project of this size. At first the complexity seemed a bit overwhelming. But once I understood how everything clicks together it turned out to be very interesting and fun.

The second part I worked on was the update of the iPad applications. The client wanted the application to not only work in portrait but also landscape mode. In that course I also improved stability of the application. This turned out to be another challenging task as I had to work with a large code base of previous developers and with a framework I never worked before. But challenges are there to be conquered.

Executive Brand Suite | Space

Thank you to Engage Works Ltd for letting me use your images.