For the second project of my MA course we were ask to develop an interactive and location-based narrative for the area in and around Elephant & Castle in London. People who know the district might worry, oh boy, can you even develop something exciting for such a dull area? And we say, yes you can!

Since we were allowed to stretch the region until Southbank my team and me quickly agreed on Borough Market, a high-quality food market selling exquisite British and international produce.

With the help of our narrative app the user can step into another world within Borough Market. To each stall in the market a QR Code should be added. This code can contain innumerable information. For the first version of the app, however, only the stall’s ID will be stored.

QR Code

Scanning the QR code the user will get information about the country of the product’s origin, which other products that are available on the market can be combined with the chosen product, proposals for recipes to use the product, and the user can even save this information in a personal scrapbook.