The dance studio I regularly trained at at the time, commissioned me to create a website for them: They wanted Londoners and visiting artists to find their studio more easily if they were looking for a space to rent.

They use the studio is for castings, auditions, dance rehearsals, music rehearsals, meetings, actors readings, yoga, dance, photographic and film shoots, sample sales etc. So a generic and inviting impression of their web presentation was vital.

The site contains general introductions and studio descriptions, details about the available facilities and pricing, a tailored booking system, legal pages and contact options including maps and public transport details. Logo designs and colours were determined by the client – based on that we also added a custom favicon, of course.


London Rehearsal Space | Header


London Rehearsal Space | Intro


London Rehearsal Space | Gallery


London Rehearsal Space | Footer


Please note: We have ceased to support this website. So it might not look the same anymore as when we submitted it.