The society “Verein der Freunde der Nationalgallerie” was about to travel to the States visiting a number of very impressing museums and exhibitions. Of course, when taking such a tour one needs to know what to expect. People want to read up on the current exhibitions and their artists in advance to gain the essential background knowledge about the shown work.

I therefore researched about all the museums the society intended to visit and broke the vast quantity of information down to the major and most important ones. Based on the information I designed and layouted a compact brochure. The booklet contained the regarding day’s schedule, information about the museum and its exhibition, the location, and a web address for further information.
The cover was designed by Daniel Ojala.

The travel companion was then printed in both, A5 and A6. This way the members could choose whether they wanted a large one with which they could take more notes, or a handy smaller one that fits easily in any pocket or purse.


Cover view of both brochures: A5 and A6


Inside: Getty Villa which they visited on Sunday


Schedule for Tuesday – each day got another colour for being easily distinguishable since the society visited multiple museums and exhibitions a day