In the course of my internship at I also got the chance to get involved in the programming of the re-designed website of vaho works.

About vaho works : : The company takes no longer used banner and canvas ads and channels them into material to create fashionable, crazy bags.

The vaho website was supposed to be updated and unified: The website and the shop were separated up to this point. What’s more, they had no consistent layout. These issues should be solved now.


After a quick introduction in the project’s tasks I started adapting existing HTML files. The existing files had to be changed radically to get the exact structure the designer had proposed. I developed a framework with HTML, CSS, and jQuery. This needed to be flexible, since the about page – which basically was a fullscreen slideshow – was composed fundamentally differently than the remaining pages. Having created a stable basic layout in the browser, the HTML files could be integrated into the template system.


vaho works | Home page


vaho works | Blog

Vaho works also wanted to integrate a weblog, which was supposed to run on WordPress.

Integrating WordPress into the template system (afanic, based on Smarty) would have taken too much time. The existing Smarty plugin for WordPress was too unreliable to be used for commercial projects.

Therefore, we decided to run the blog independently and separately from the template system.

I also adapted this blog as far as it could visually be seen as a native component of the overall website.


Further functionalities:

  • multilingual
  • displaying the most recent blog posts (WordPress) on the main website (template system)
  • file upload
  • auto-mailer
  • social network sharing

vaho works | About