For the opening of a new shopping mall in Abu Dhabi Engage Works Ltd was approached to design and build a virtual changing room. The Galleria mall offers numerous high-end fashion brands which were included in the Virtual Style Pod.

The experience :: After entering the Virtual Style Pod, visitors can select garments they virtually want to try on from an iPad. In an interactive mirror they can then see themselves “wearing” the chosen product – it follows their movement and is viewable 360 degrees.
If they like it, they can take a picture of themselves and share it with their friends on social media or via email.

This experience was then further developed into Fashion3D to serve for similar events in the future. It received a large media coverage appearing also on Channel 4 (Gadget Man) and on TV in the Middle East.


Virtual Style Pod | Outside



My tasks included

  • user experience and user journey design incl. flow charts
  • development of bespoke software for the iPad control
  • automation of photo distribution and sharing
  • enabling intersection and communication of all software components
  • asset management in close collaboration with the client.

Virtual Style Pod | Inside

Thank you to Engage Works Ltd for letting me use your images.


Please note: As I’m receiving many requests on this particular project:


If you’d like your own Virtual Style Pod or are interested in this project for whichever reason, please contact the product owner Engage Works.