For Xerox’s new Innovation Centre in Uxbridge, they wanted an interactive multi-touch table to enhance their visitors’ experience. When I was working for Engage Works Ltd I had the opportunity to contribute to designing and building the Discovery Table.



Each visitor gets a tag to identify themselves when using the table: They place the unique tag on the table and enter their email address during the beginning of a session. The session leader does the same.

For the table there are a certain set of tags available which are pre-populated with content for the session. When placing down one of these markers the content shows up and visitors can decide to store the information in their tag if they like it.
By the end of the session each visitor will be emailed their content automatically. The session leader will receive an overview of all the content that has been selected by each person.

Xerox Discovery Table | Overview


Xerox Discovery Table | Close-up


My part was it to automate the content distribution. The software I wrote syncs new content automatically with an online file storage system. After making sure the online content is up-to-date, the program automatically generates an email containing links to the content they have saved during the day and sends it to the respective visitor. The session leader then receives a summary of all of the shared content.

To ensure no data is lost, the program also draws a back-up of the sessions automatically by the end of each day.

In addition to that, the software allows Xerox to determine when the distribution happens and where it is stored online – amongst other options for customised behaviour.